Build the Dream

Build the Dream Team consists of dedicated Board of Trustees and volunteers from Parent Teacher Organization.  The goal of this team is to showcase our school to local community, seek opportunities for new partnerships, and solicit financial and other types of support for our school. 


Build the Dream Tour is a monthly scheduled one-hour tour of our school.  You will hear a series of short presentations giving you an overview of The Principled Academy’s commitment to character education and academic excellence.  A Tour is one-hour long, starting at 5:30pm and ending 6:30pm.  

Tour dates for the 2014-15 school year are currently being decided and announced shortly.


Build the Dream Friendraising Events are held once a year in early spring.  We usually have two events, one over breakfast at San Leandro Public Library and one in the evening at our school.  This is another opportunity for us to introduce our school to our community leaders and neighbors. 




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