1st Grade

Language Arts

Learning to read and improving emerging readers is the focus for first grade. Using phonics, workbooks, learning centers, games, poetry all contribute to a rich literature language arts program. Each child writes a daily journal and publishes numerous short stories that they have written and illustrated.


Math lessons are 1 hour/day, 4 days/week, with an assessment on the 5th day. Daily instructional components are: practicing skills in the daily math meeting, including fact practice, introduction and practice of new concepts, and assignment of daily homework. Topics include: numbers to 500, time, measurement, geometry, money, pre-algebra, and word problems.


Life science, including biology, animals, life cycle, habitats, electricityand the human body; physical science, including electricity and magnetism, rocks and geology, space and solar system. Science is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and includes experiments.

History and


World History topics include the development of civilization: Ancient Egypt. American History topics include the development of the Americas: the Maya, Inca, and Aztec. We also cover the European colonization of the New World. In Geography we cover oceans, continents, and maps and map skills.



The school has a comprehensive character education from preschool to 8th grade. Each morning the first graders attend Morning Assembly and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and The Principled Academy school pledge. The students are given an inspirational message through literature or multimedia about positive virtues or great people in History who made a difference in the world. Morning assembly and other activities at school and in the classroom during the year provide students with the instruction and practice that is needed to develop good character. Students are encouraged daily to exhibit good behavior according to the standards on the weekly behavior report. We have regular community service projects to put into practice the virtues we teach.