In Literature we cover poems, myths, and stories. Reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar are instructional topics that are introduced and practiced in lessons, activities, and workbooks. Spelling assessments are weekly. Other language arts topics are reading, creative writing, and handwriting.


Math lessons are one hour/day, four days/week, with an assessment on the 5th day. Daily instructional components are: practicing skills in the daily math meeting, including fact practice, introduction and practice of new concepts, and assignment of daily homework. Topics include: numbers to 1,000, time, measurement, geometry, fractions, money, and word problems.


We cover these topics and more: life science, including biology, botany, zoology, and the human body; physical science, including simple tools, and magnetism. Much of what we do in science is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and in depth.




World History topics include the development of civilizations in ancient Greece and China. American History topics include the development of the United States from 13 states through westward expansion. In Geography we cover oceans, continents, with a focus on the geography of North and South America. We also learn map skills.


In second grade, the students learn keyboarding and other introductory skills in a weekly computer class.



Students are encouraged daily to exhibit good behavior according to the standards on the weekly behavior report. Morning assembly and other activities at school and in the classroom during the year provide students with the instruction and practice that is needed to develop good character.

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2nd Grade