In the Classroom

3rd Grade



In language arts, students have been able to express their creativity and academic ability in the development of their critical thinking and writing skills. Students keep a regularly updated journal where they write responses in comprehensive and complete sentences about what they have learned from given topics. Each student also had the chance to write a personal thank you letter to deployed US Marines.


We cover these topics and more: life science, including biology, botany, zoology, and the human body; physical science, including simple tools, and magnetism. Much of what we do in science is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and in depth.


Students have been diligent in developing their math skills through daily oral and written practice of math facts and concepts. Some of the topics in mathematics that the children have been exploring are: multiplication and division, learning simple algebraic problems, exponents, collecting data, and graphing.


Our history lessons have covered a wide range of ancient civilizations; after starting from Mesopotamia, we moved on to Greece, Egypt, and now China. For every civilization, students complete a pocket or folder that includes engaging assignments for reading comprehension, art, and writing. Students have used their creativity to write postcards, and even built model temples and structures that correspond to the ancient civilization they have been learning about.