7th and 8th Grade

Girl in Classroom



Seventh and Eighth grade students study various types of literature: the novel, short story, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. They write essays of several types: persuasive, interpretive, descriptive, and others. All students are expected to revise essays before receiving a final grade.


In the Seventh and Eighth grade, students study a survey of American history one year, and then a survey of world history the next year. Students use an American or World History textbook as background reading and take lecture notes in class. Homework is assigned Monday – Wednesday. Students present an oratory each week, based on a current event news article. The focus is on understanding the political, economic, social, and religious institutions of culture.


Students study Life science. They engage in scientific inquiry, write lab reports, and acquire facts and concepts through lab experiments and projects. Students work in groups or pairs throughout the school year.


Math lessons are one hour/day, four days a week with an assessment every Friday. Students learn how to work independently and in groups. Math lessons are presented in the beginning of class while students are expected to take notes and do the daily practice problems. Students are assigned 30 problems of homework three/times a week and have approximately 30 minutes to work on it in class.


Students practice keyboarding, learn how to create PowerPoint slides, and documents on Microsoft word.


In an introductory course to Spanish, students learn basic Spanish vocabulary , verbs, and expressions through games and interactive activities.